What if for some reason we feel they did not make a compatible match?

A.  When we first started this process, we were relieved to know that we were not the only ones who had this question. Our agency advises us that “if” for some reason we feel the Chinese officials did not make a compatible match, we would be allowed to request a second referral provided we give a reasonable reason of why we were requesting a second referral. ( we hear the most common rejections, although rare, are because families received a much older child than desired, or health conditions they did not feel equipped to handle ). However, after completing the amazing amount of paperwork that is involved with an international adoption, not to mention the long wait we have to endure just to even get a referral, we have faithfully decided to treat this just as if we were experiencing a pregnancy. The difference will be that we will be missing many of our daughter’s early months of her life, and we will obviously need to get to know each other. We can only have faith that we can build the trust in her, so that she will be able to attach to us and love us as her parents.

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