What are the conditions like in China Orphanages?

A.  We have learned that the conditions in Chinese orphanages have improved dramatically since the mid 1990’s. According to our agency & the numerous families we have met that have adopted from China, all say that the orphanages are kept very clean and that the nannies that take care of the babies are very kind. However, many do say that it is common to see two babies per crib, with only a few nannies available. It is also common that many babies sleep in metal cribs with plywood bases instead of mattresses. But as more and more families from around the world are choosing to adopt their daughters from China, their donations to the orphanages are making a huge difference in the early lives of these babies. As part of our adoption costs, we will be donating approximately $6,000 to our baby’s orphanage. This amount goes a long way in China. It can help will help with food, clothing, furnaces, air conditioners, cribs, nannies, etc.

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