What if we are surprised by a pregnancy while waiting?

A.  This was actually a real concern when we started the adoption process. But if this were to happen ( which we hear is not uncommon ), our agency usually advises that you wait until you give birth to the baby, and postpone the process until 6 months to a year so that you can also bond with your newly adopted child. But unless you are also going through an adoption process, it is difficult to describe our feelings about this. As far as we’re concerned, we already have a daughter waiting for us in China. A pregnancy would only be considered a double blessing. And our priority will always be to keep our family together. If for some reason “mom” is unable to travel, then “dad” has agreed to travel alone if he has to, to bring our daughter home to her family as soon as possible. Our agency has also told us they will support our decision, and will assist us in any way.

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