How will our Referral be conducted?

A.  The CCAA  ( Chinese Center for Adoption Affairs ) is responsible for all referrals. We are told that they make a decision based on a variety of factors in our Dossier ( such as our biographies, our photos, and our request of either a healthy or special needs infant, toddler, twins, etc. ). When our file gets to the “Matching Room”, they will match us to “our daughter”, a baby girl who’s file contains information they believe will be most compatible with our family. According to families who have already gone through this experience, the matching process conducted by the Chinese is simply incredible. There’s been a few theories we have read on the matching process, but nothing concrete. We are heavily relying on our faith that we will be matched to our child.  -Once we accept the referral of our child,  we are required to travel to China within 6-8 weeks to complete the adoption. We will travel with a group of other parents & our daughters will be introduced to us within 48 hours . Our stay in China will be approximately 10-15 days, for medical appointments, finalization of adoption etc., and a little bit of sight seeing.

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