Why did we decide on China?

A.  Before we decided on adoption, we were already fond of the many facets of China. We knew we had a special connection, but we never realized we would one day be adopting a child from this country. When we explored adoption internationally, we discovered that agencies had all sorts of different adoption programs like Russia, Ukraine, Katsatskan, Korea, Vietnam, China, and Guatemala. We were surprised to learn that each program was unique and they all had different procedures, requirements, and costs associated with each of them. Families make their decisions based on different reasons. For us, it was simply an instinct, if we may say. We knew that our daughter would be born in China. Ironically, we had a set of friends who shared with us their news of adopting from China. We were so excited for them. They invited us to attend one of their agency’s seminars, where we learned even more about their China program & so we ultimately decided to join the same agency- EAC European Adoption Consultants.

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