What is the procedure like?

A.  Adopting from China has 3 main phases before traveling to bring our child home: (1) filing an application with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service to bring a foreign adopted orphan into the U.S, (2) Complete a HomeStudy ( where a social service agency examines us as a couple to determine our worthiness as parents ) and (3) complete a “Dossier” which is composed of numerous documents (see left) which then have to be notarized, and certified by the county and state. Once these phases are completed, then our Dossier gets translated in Chinese and is finally sent to China ( along with a group of others ) by a licensed adoption agency. Once China receives our Dossier, we are then assigned an LID ( log in date) of which we will then be considered as “officially in line”. The “Referral” stage and “Travel” stage are what follows next. The waiting time from LID to Referral has varied in the past from 6 months to 12 months, and is generally determined by the number of available “adoptable” infants vs the number of families with LID’s -so the wait times are always fluctuating. Currently, the pattern seems to be approximately 12 months from LID, however there are many speculations that the waiting time may extend as the year progresses.

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