Our Adoption Process

2007-May 2011

Waiting times from LID to Referrals increase dramatically. New Hague Treaty Laws “Grandfather” our I-600A forms for a limited time until we are required to file an I800A form with USCIS, and continue to seek approval to bring “an orphan into the United States”.

May 2012

We update our HomeStudy one last time and now are required to apply to USCIS under a new form called the I-800A form

( the old I600A form is no longer valid under the new Hague Treaty Regulations ). 

May 21, 2012

After a very long 6 year waiting process, we Finally received our referral from China! A Beautiful baby girl named "Ning XingYao", who was born on May 1, 2011, and who awaits us at the Ningdu County Children's Welfare Institute in the Jiangxi Province of China. 

Jun. 2012

We submit our new updated HomeStudy & I-800A application to USCIS & await for approval. (Estimated waiting times for approval is 4-6 weeks.)

Up Next:

  1. BulletReceive Letter of Acceptance ( 1-2 weeks )

  2. BulletApply for Chinese Visas

  3. BulletFile I-800 application to USCIS & wait for approval ( 6-8 weeks )

  4. BulletNVC Cable and Approval Letter ( 1-2 weeks )

  5. BulletArticle 5 Approval ( 2 weeks )

  6. BulletReceive Travel Approval ( 2-5 weeks )

  7. BulletTravel to China! ( 2-4 weeks after receipt of Travel Approval )

One of Madi’s Referral Photos!
Madi’s Nursery
FedEx Bringing us the Referral from our Agency
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