Our Adoption Process

Dec. 2005

We decide to Adopt from China!

Jan. 2006

We submit our Application to Adopt from our International Adoption Agency EAC, Ohio.

Feb.-Jun. 2006

Worked on our Dossier which included:

A completed HomeStudy, Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificate, Income Tax Reports, Medical Reports, FBI Clearance Reports, DMV records, Passports, Financial Statements, CPA Letters, (5) Personal Reference Letters, Guardianship Assignation Letter, Guardianship Acceptance Letter, Personal letter to China asking to Adopt, Medical Insurance Letter, 8-10 page Home Study Report, Several Photos of the inside & outside areas of our home, photos of ourselves, & photos of our nursery.

Many of these documents had to be Notarized, County Certified, and State Authenticated. 

Jul. 2006

Our Dossier is complete & is mailed off to our International Adoption Agency EAC, Ohio

Aug. 2006

DTC; Dossier to China

Sep. 11, 2006

Our LID ( Log In Date ) is assigned to us by China. This essentially becomes our marker in line.

All tied up and ready to go
at FedEx.-All of out Paperwork is on its way!
46 original seals by Secretary of the State
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