About Madi

Based on her medical & developmental report taken in April of 2012, heres a few details on “Ning XingYao”:

  1. BulletHer birthdate is estimated to be May 1, 2011

  2. BulletShe arrived at the Children’s Welfare Institute on July 3, 2011.

  3. BulletHer height ( at 11 months ) was 73cm and her weight was 10.8kg.

  4. BulletShe has 6 teeth, is sitting independently, and could stand against the wall for a few seconds.

  5. BulletShe can say simple words like “Mama and Baba”.

  6. BulletShe can move around in toddler walker and picks up toys in the playroom.

  7. BulletShe can feed herself food.

  8. BulletShe likes to watch a cartoon on tv and a music program on dvd usually stops her from crying.

  9. BulletShe responds to her name by turning her head and smiling.

  10. BulletShe is very happy when her caregiver kisses her.

  11. BulletShe does not like to be alone, and is afraid of sharp noises.

  12. BulletShe likes anyone to play with her and is not afraid of strangers.

  13. BulletShe smiles and giggles when someone plays with her.

  14. BulletSometimes, she takes toys from her little friends.

  15. BulletShe has a close relationship with her caregiver and gets upset when she walks away from her.

4-5 months old?
9-10 months old?
8-9 months? 
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